Ceramic Coating Myth

Ceramic Coatings Prevent All Scratches

Ceramic coatings are hard and resist abrasion themselves. However, they are also incredibly thin and cannot protect the underlying paint from any scratches, bumps, or stone chips.

At best, you can get away with some minor scuffs, but that’s pretty much it. Don’t expect any miracles.

If you’re looking for chip and scratch protection, you should check out our article on paint protection films. And yes, they create a perfect symbiosis with ceramic coatings for the ultimate defense

Ceramic Coatings are Self-Cleaning

This is far from the truth. Ceramic coatings make it harder for dust and contamination to stick to the surface, helping your car stay cleaner for longer. However, dirt, brake dust, water spots, and other road grime will eventually build up on the surface of the coating itself, inhibiting its hydrophobic properties and dulling its shine.

While you still need to wash your vehicle, ceramic coatings make this an absolute breeze. You can use much milder chemicals and even go touchless if you follow a regular cleaning schedule.

Ceramic Coatings are Indestructible

When maintained well, high-quality ceramic coatings will last for years. Even so, indestructible they are not.

As with anything in life, they will eventually wear away. It depends heavily on the quality of the product and the initial quality of the installation.

Moreover, depending on how and where you drive your vehicle, the coatings can wear off considerably quicker. If you go off-roading or drifting, or if you wash your car rarely or use an automatic car wash with strong chemicals and hard brushes, the longevity of your coating will be reduced.

How to maintain Ceramic Coating


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