Fabric Stain Guard

Protect the fabric / cloth accessories, seats etc with hydrophobic nano coating, provides transparent coating.

Fabric Stain Guard at TAS
fabric protection

Protect the fabric / cloth accessories, seats etc with hydrophobic nano coating, provides transparent coating on the threads to limit the water observing capability, Allow us to clean the spill faster before it stains the fabric material.

Gtechniq Smart Fabric AB?

Gtechniq L1 smart fabric
I1 Smart Fabric AB protects all kinds of fabrics from water-based stains. It is breathable and extremely durable, thanks to Gtechniq’s unique scientific formula.

With added Biocote ® antimicrobial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99% of bacteria. Making it ideal for use inside your car to protect you and your family from harmful germs.

Smart Fabric is colour safe. Nano particles that make up I1 Smart Fabric coat each fabric fibre individually, leaving the texture unaffected, allowing the material to breathe. This means stale air will still be able to escape, while repelling water and and oil-based liquids.

Even more hydrophobic than its predecessor, I1 Smart Fabric V2 leaves no remnants of a spillage and moisture simply falls off a coated surface. Laboratory testing reveals that I1 V2 repels water to the highest standard set by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) – ISO 5. And wash tests reveal the product remains at its full performance level after being washed on a 40 degree cycle, and even after five washes still performs better than its predecessor.

On average I1 will last on a car’s interior for between 6 and 12 months - depending how ‘used’ the surface is.

Recommended service interval : Once 6 month

*Price Range : ₹ 1500 to ₹ 3000

* Conditions apply, Tentative pricing only, actual service cost depends on the surface condition, labour, products involved. Please bring the vehicle for FREE inspection and estimation.

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