Windscreen Protection

Protect your car windshield and other glasses with hydrophobic nano coating, prevents water spots, stains and provide clear vision

Windshield protection film at TAS
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Introducing "Windshield Protection Film" 👍 Protect your car windshield against, 🔹stone chipping, 🔸crack, 🔹scratches. also provides 🔸 UV Protection, 🔹Hydrophobic coating. Call TAS 9497 454647

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Windshield protection film at TAS
Windshield protection film at TAS
Windshield protection film at TAS

Recommended service interval : 6-12 months, as required.

*Price Range : ₹ 1000 to ₹ 2500

* Conditions apply, Tentative pricing only, actual service cost depends on the surface condition, labour, products involved. Please bring the vehicle for FREE inspection and estimation.

windshiled protection film stone chips protection scratch protection

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